Tuesday, August 01, 2006

previously, last week in NEWPAPER, it was mentioned about who is this new girl who is singing the NDP song. Many people were disturbed by the comments made by those people.

Not many people knows that she is a new SINGER and also from SINGAPORE...
Many gave terrible remarks. Others also write in and mention how come not more prominent local singer peforming the NDP song than her (Kaira Gong Shijia)..the bottomline and most important thing is that all her fans will support her!That is most important. We dun understand why people are making such remarks? it will only show how naive they are..

Even Singapore Idol judge Ken Lim, who produced the National Day song by Taufik last year, said he had not heard of Kaira... He further mentioned saying: "Whoever sings the NDP song must be recognised by the people. That is basic, snce you're singing for the people, to the people... If you're not recognisable, how are they going to relate to you?"I mean as such an established and famous person, why is he mentioning such stuffs? I am just speechless from such remarks. Kaira is famous and she will be even more famous than Taufik after the NDP. Are these people( fans or not fans) jealous that their own idols can't sing on this wonderful and meaningful day of SINGAPORE? this only shows that Kaira has what it takes.

As Singaporean, we should play a part by supporting our fellow Singapore singers that perform for NDP than speak ill on the person...We should give them our moral support and encouragement not saying words that hurts...Fellow Singaporean, please give Kiara some encouragement or thanks her for singing this year's NDP theme song!!! =)

P.S. We are not angry with all these remarks. Instead, we are very proud of Shi Jia. She actually managed to 'win' all the other singers( new or old). She actually gotten this chance to sing. She indeed did us proud. She deserve the encouragment from all of us, SINGAPOREANS!!!!!!

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