Sunday, July 15, 2007

Everyone, let's count down to Kaira's birthday..
10 more days to her birthday..
So what activities are we planning to have??????

1) Party at either Kbox or settler's cafe( central branch)
2) Buying her a jacket
3) Getting her a cake

Whoever is interested, maybe you can send us an email at either or

The party should be either on 5 aug or 12 august. Either morning or night.
Please tell us the preferred time so that we can plan.

First come first served basis.
Shd be for around 20 persons.
Priority goes to COLOURS OF KAIRA fan club members.

Please email by 22 July.
We need a response from everyone, whether you can make it or not.
Please respond.

Next activity:
SPH offered us a space for her blog and forum.
Anyone interested to be one of the contacts and moderator??
Please email us too. I will provide details there.

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